Tips For Dating Colombian Women

Tips For Dating Colombian Women

tips on dating colombian womenMany American men have expressed interest in dating foreign women, especially now that Colombian models like Sofia Vergara have made their way into the television limelight in the United States. It is probably no coincidence that this upsurge in interest has coincided with the masculinization of women in the US. Many men long to find a woman who has modern desires and tastes yet retains her femininity. This is what draws men to Colombian women.


Many Americans think of Central and South America as extensions of Mexico. They could not be more wrong. Colombia, like many other countries down there, has a unique history and is quite distinct from Mexico. Their government is shared between the two oldest political parties in the Western hemisphere. Colonized centuries ago by the Spanish, this country has retained a taste for European lifestyles even while its people are as diverse as the population of the United States.

If you have eclectic tastes in women, Colombia is the place for you to find a dating partner. Do not think that the women that you may have seen on television are representative of all Colombian women. It would be impossible for any Colombian woman to represent all of them because they are as diverse as American women when it comes to race and culture. There are white Colombians and back Colombians. Some are indigenous and others have parents from Europe or Asia. Many have a complex cultural and racial background that makes them all the more interesting to spend time with.

The Colombian Woman

The racial and cultural background of Colombian women is diverse but they all do tend to have one thing in common: they are proud to be women. With a Colombian woman you do not have to let your dialogue be constricted by politically correct fears. The Latin women of Colombia are not crippled by desires to be like men or to erase the differences between the sexes. Colombian women revel in the tension between masculine and feminine polarities and have no desire to blend the two into something bland and androgynous.

Do not make the mistake that many Western men and women make when they think about Latin women like those found in Colombia. People assume that these women, famous for their femininity, are also quiet and submissive. Colombian women rejoice in their femininity and are quite forward about it. They are active and not at all shy about their desires. They do not confuse femininity with weakness. Instead, they are aggressively different and eager to show a man what a real woman is like.

If you date a Colombian woman, you will be glad to learn about the crucial distinctions between this kind of a woman and the kind that you may have dated in other Western countries. You will not have to worry about whether paying for dinner or holding a door open will offend her feminist sensibilities. Colombian women are glad when you act like a man. Best of all, they are not afraid to take care of a man or cook a meal. They gladly recognize these things as desirable parts of a relationship and they look forward things like love and marriage without trepidation.

One great thing about Colombian women is their contentment with the sensual delight so the world. It is rare that you will find a woman in this country who worries about her weight, yet you will not find that many struggling with overeating either. Colombian women, like many Latin women, are proudly sensual and love the act of eating as much as they love romance. Yet they do not swing back and forth on the pendulum between frighteningly skinny and terribly overweight. In this area, as in many others, your relationship with a Colombian woman will not be hampered by self-consciousness.

Tips for Meeting and Dating a Colombian Woman

• Initiate the relationship with your Spanish language skills, even if they are weak. Just asking como estas or saying gracias will be endearing to these women. You may be surprised when she responds in English. Many people learn English in grade school in Colombia. This will make it easy for you to carry on the relationship while you still score points for trying to speak Spanish. If her English is not good, then you can spend a lot of intimate moments teaching each other how to speak your respective languages.
• Colombian women are possessive. Once you start going out together, she will protect her possession of you like a tigress. Do not be surprised if she becomes very upset about even a perceived flirtation with another woman.
• Expect drama in every decision and moment with her. If you have a fight, it will be like an explosion of tears and shrieks. This may be disturbing but it can also lead to some very energetic renewals of passion.

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