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More guys than ever from Western countries are visiting Latin America and South America, in part because hot Latinas are some of the sexiest women on earth. Several guys I know have discovered countries such as Colombia and Brazil and never wanted to go home! They immediately fell in love with the weather, the culture, and most of all the incredibly beautiful (and approachable) Latina girls!

Since I’m the author of Tactical Attraction and many other books on the subject of succeeding with women, I want to provide you with some helpful tips and strategies for succeeding with hot Latinas. It’s not about learning the right pick up lines for girls — it’s about understanding the nuances of Latina women, figuring out their culture, and knowing how to push the right “attraction buttons.”

I’ve partied like a rock star in countries throughout Latin and South America, and shared my bed with some outrageously beautiful hotties. So far, my favorites are Colombian girls, Brazilian girls, Venezuelan girls and Dominican girls, but there are still may others to explore!

Here are a few important points to consider when you’re aiming to lure Latina girls into your bedroom…

The Importance Of Personal Hygiene With Hot Latinas

how to attract hot latina girls

One of my favorite aspects of Latina girls (I’m talking about the hot ones) is that they always look and smell amazing. I’d actually say these are some of the most well-maintained women you’ll ever see. They take their personal hygiene very seriously, and you’ll need to do the same. There’s nothing worse to Latina girls than a smelly “gringo” who looks like he hasn’t shaved or showered in a week.

Where I come from (the United States), foot deodorant is practically unheard of, but a lot of Latina girls will view you as a “dirty European” if you neglect to use it. As for facial hair, get read of it. Latina girls don’t live the unshaven look. Beards are absolutely out of the question.

I’ve had hot Latina girls check the insides of my ears, and inspect my nails, to see whether I’m a hygienic, well-groomed guy. (I’ve actually become a lot more careful with my grooming since I started hanging around these women.)

While getting manicures and pedicures might seem a bit “feminine” where you come from, I suggest you start getting them. A lot of Latin American men do, because they know how important it is to Latina girls. I now feel “dirty” if my fingernails or toenails haven’t been groomed lately.

Pay attention to these details and it will pay off when you’re making moves on Latina girls.

Hot Latin Girls LOVE To Dance

dating a brazilian girl

If you’ve got two left feet and you feel like a jackass getting out on the dance floor, don’t stress out about it. No matter how good a dancer you may be, I doubt you’ll be able to keep up with the Latina girls.

They absolutely love to dance — whether it’s to samba, salsa or reggaeton — and it’s a joy watching them shake their stuff. What matters is that you get out there and make an effort.

But don’t do it without taking some basic lessons. There are salsa classes offered all over the place, and within a week or two you should know a few basic moves. Salsa is a complicated form of dance, and not easy to pick up. (Being amazing salsa dancers seems to be hard-wired into the DNA of Latin girls.)

The good news is that if you learn the basics of salsa, you should be able to pick up other similar rhythms (such samba, which is popular in Brazil).

Reggaeton, the other style of music you’re likely to hear in Latin America, is basically the Hispanic form of hip-hop (and it’s awesome for “dirty dancing”). Start practicing. Learn the basic moves, and you’ll be much better equipped to pick up Latina girls.

The Right Places To Meet Hot Latinas

dating colombian girl

Selecting the right “hunting ground” is crucial if you’re going to score with the right Latina girls. My advice? Go where the locals go to party.

Don’t stick with the areas where all the foreigners and tourists hang out. You want to take advantage of the fact that you’re “exotic” in the eyes on the local Latinas. Go where your “look” is a novelty. So forget about traveling to tourist hotspots like Rio, Cancun or Cuzco, where the local Latina girls see guys like you all the time.

I’ve had some of my greatest successes with Latina girls by checking out random places. I like to visit large cities that that don’t see a lot of tourism. When I’m in Brazil, I hit spots like Brasilia or Sao Paulo or Brasilia, rather than Rio.

(If you do go to Rio, avoid the well-known tourist nightspots.) If you’re trying to mack on Latina girls in Argentina, skip Buenos Aires and set your sights on Cordoba, which is packed with college girls. The last time I was in Venezuela, I found that Merida is another great scene for picking up Latin girls who go to the local universities.

In Ecuador, you can find me in Guayaquil, rather than Quito. In Colombia, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla are Bogota all good. And in Peru, I’ve found Lima to be an excellent scene for picking up hot Latina girls. And the big cities of central Mexico are awesome hunting grounds for sexy Latin women. Venture off the beaten track and you’ll have a huge advantage with the local girls.

When you’re the only gringo they’ve seen in a while, your chances of scoring with a hot local girl are massively increased. They’ll be curious to know what you’re doing in their city, and to them, you’ll be as “exotic” as you are to them.

Learn a few cute pick up lines in the local language and you’ll be good to go.

More Tips On Picking Up Latina Girls

hot latina girls

On Friday and Saturday nights, the popular bars and discos are often packed with local guys macking on the women. I find it much easier to score mid-week (though you’ll have fewer hot Latina girls to choose from). Also keep in mind, these people tend to go out late.

The nightlife doesn’t really get buzzing until after 10pm, and on the weekend, a lot of the hot girls don’t roll in until after midnight.

Also consider Colombia’s beach resorts, which you can find in locations such as San Andres, Santa Marta and Cartegena. Lots of local tourists go to these places to vacation, and there are few “gringos” around.

This is a winning combination if you visit during the right time of year.

Show The Hot Latina Girls That You’re “Different”

hot latina girls

Latin guys have a reputation for being charming smooth-talkers with the ladies, but in my experience, they tend to be macho, aggressive and arrogant around women, which Latina girls are turned off by.

I also see a lot of Latin guys who can’t hold their booze. It’s important to project confidence, but don’t give off a “slimy” vibe that suggests you’re only out to get laid. Be different than the locals.

Emphasize your differences. Be laidback, express interest in what the girls have to say, and don’t drink too much.

Another important point to keep in mind is that Latin women are accustomed to being approached by strange men, and being hit on.

It’s part of the culture. Latin guys are “approach machines” — they have no fear of walking up to a Latina girl and flirting with her. They just do it a bit differently than Western guys. In the nightclubs, it’s common for Latin guys to approach the girls, hold out their hand, and ask them for a dance.

The girls almost always agree out of politeness. When the song ends, the girl usually returns to her seat, and within 60 seconds some other Latin dude is asking to take her on the dance floor.

Latin people love to dance. It’s part of their genetic makeup. And the girls think it’s fun to teach a clumsy “gringo” how to do the salsa moves. If you can surprise her with some salsa moves you learned in a class, even better. She’ll be delighted!

So, asking girls to dance is a huge part of the nightclub game with Latina girls. Your chances of rejection are nearly zero, so go ahead and make your move.

If you can’t bring yourself to get out on the dance floor, you can try to start a conversation ahead. Knowing some basic Spanish phrases will definitely come in handy here. You can mention to them that you just arrived in their town, and you’d like some advice about the fun spots to go to, or clubs that play a certain type of music.

(If you’re in a salsa club, ask them about the best reggaeton disco in the area.)

How to Seduce Latin Women

dating colombian women

The thought of dating Latinas will get guys fired up and always ready to go. Latin women possess fiery attitude and luscious curves. A lot of men consider Latinas as one of the most beautiful and hot women in the world.

However, even if they are the most beautiful women in the world, finding hot Latinas can sometimes be very hard. You need to know where they hang out. If you are from another culture and these hot Latinas are surrounded by other Latin people; then you have to extra more effort to break in. It’s because they tend to be more critical with your every move.

If you are attracted to a Latina and you want to seduce her, then you have to take the challenge of getting her attention.

More often than not, Latina women are swarmed with overwhelming attention from the opposite sex. You may want to be unique and creative to catch her attention. And if you are really serious in learn the art of seducing Latinas, then you have to keep these things in mind:

Avoid being arrogant and overconfident. This is a common mistake among guys, they tend to think that the way to get women’s attention is by acting cocky. The mindset that Latin women didn’t live in abundance make these men think that these hot and sexy ladies will be interested with them if they act arrogant and proud.

This is actually a big mistake! Latin women are more attracted to guys who are humble! If you crack a joke about the way you look or about some of your defect, she would definitely laugh with you. But if you tell a joke about how handsome and irresistible you are, you would not get a good reaction from her.

Do not get irritated at her if she decides to flake on you. If Latin women are considered as the most beautiful women in the world, well, they also have the reputation of being flaky too. Some guys believe that this culture does not really care about compromises and about your time.

A lot of guys actually get mad whenever a Latin girl had flaked on her. If she knows you are mad at her, then she would either apologize to you or never answer her phone ever again. It is because she would rather not face you than feel embarrassed about her action.

Find a Latin woman who does not look like a tourist and try to catch her attention. Latinas spend hours to look good, so you should also exert an effort to look good when you go out with her. Exerting effort to look good would require that when you step out of your house, you have to look good too.

Take charge and be in full control. Latinas are known to be as feisty women but they really love it when men take charge. It only shows that you possess the right amount of confidence and you will surely catch her attention. Then you can insert a little Spanish phrase such as “cual es tu numero?” it means “what’s your number?” women would be very proud of you, if you are able to say something Spanish.

Most importantly, use the right TACTICS when macking on hot Latina girls…

hot latina women

These advanced pickup tactics won’t be necessary if the girl you’re approaching is merely pretty. Here, I’m talking about Latina girls who are 9s and 10s. (One of the great things about being a “gringo” with some game is that you can score with girls who might be “out of your league” back where you come from.)

First, keep in mind that truly stunning Latina girls are well aware of their beauty, and the effect it has on men. They’ve been told a million times by Latin guys how beautiful they are. Therefore, the last thing you should do is complement them on their looks, or act awed of their hotness. In fact, what you should do (at first) is IGNORE them.

For example, let’s say you’re at a salsa club and you spot a group of three Latina girls nearby. One of them is an absolute hottie, and her friends are more average. Your target (of course) is the super hot one. In this situation, the correct tactic is start chatting and dancing with the group, but keep your focus on her two friends — not on her.

Charm and flirt with her friends. Have them teach you some dance moves. The stunner in the group will be shocked that a “gringo” seems to be far more interested in her friends than in her. Keep this up for 30 minutes, and the stunner will be dying for some attention from you! When she does try to engage your attention, gently brush her off. You can use slight put-downs to REALLY make her think you aren’t sexually interested in her.

(One of my favorites? Tell her she’s got something in her nostril. She’ll immediately wipe her nose and feel self-conscious.) These types of comments need to carefully calibrated. You never want to seem rude or obnoxious. Just give her the sense that you’re not “into” her and you’d rather be hanging out with her friends.

Once some time has passed and it’s obvious that the stunner is desperate for your attention, you can shift your focus onto her. At this point, her friends think you’re awesome, so they’re not going to try to cock-block you (as they normally do when their hot friend is being hit on by sleazy local guys).

At this point, use the correct sequence of seduction tactics to escalate with the stunner (both verbally, and physically) and you’ll have her eating out of the palm of your hand.

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